A child sits under a blanket listening intently to a bedtime story… The thrills the chills the climax of the story comes alive in the words of a storyteller For a short while the child leaves the comfort of his bedroom and is transported away into a time and place where the story unfolds… He lives with the story and its characters… he learns to empathise with the good and detest evil. He wants the good to win over evil. This will form the foundation of the child’s entire life… The child has just discovered the power of storytelling… the purest, simplest, most powerful form of human communication. Through stories we pass our heritage culture and social ethics to the next generation. We pass on our perception of the distinction between the good and bad In real life nowadays the lines get hazy… But in a children’s story the lines are clearly demarcated… And they help us even as adults to define what is right and what is wrong at times under extremely difficult conditions. So let us for a few minutes forget ourselves and let the innocent child within enjoy a simple engrossing story the kind… the kind we all yearn for.

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13 Part TV Series
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