Dhada: An Ancient football game – 1990

Dhada ( Ancient football) a game with a difference

This game of Dhada (Ancient football) is played once a year on January 14th on Shankranti ( kite flying day) in Rajasthan. This game is played 150kms from Jaipur in a small town Awan.

This unique game is played by 12 villages. Six villages on either side. It is played in a village square with two goal posts at far ends of a street. One is the gate of famine and the other, the gate of prosperity.

The game is played by the young and the old. The young and old still believe in the fact that the ball has a mind of its own and the outcome of the game has always been true. (Be it famine or prosperity ) All the villagers felt that the Dhadi (football) was the head of Ravana (a ten headed demon) and it was considered lucky for them to try and push or even touch the Dhadi (ball) with their foot just once. The women make a colorful backdrop as they are not allowed to participate. The weight of the ball varies every year. The year we shot the film the ball weighed 52 kgs.

Year of Making
12 Minutes
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