What About Zeenie?

Using subtle black humour we tackle the very serious subject of urban loneliness and suicide in a tongue in cheek documentary format Loneliness, empty voids, failing careers and lost hopes. These are the problems which our unseen central character ZEENIE – A MODEL has faced. She buckles under stress, and takes the easy way out … Suicide. This mockmentary tries to investigate what (and who) pushed Zeenie into taking the drastic step. Zeenie is revealed as we talk with her so called ‘Close Friends’ from her past and present. Sumeet kumar is the unseen multimillionaire who zeenie was seeing. He sent her a bouquet of roses every day. Sumeet is someone who no one knows and yet everyone talks of him. And suddenly one day he stopped sending flowers. That was the day she died. Only in the end do we realize that there is another story behind the story. And that is what seperates drama from tragedy.

Year of Making
4 mins
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